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Analysis on the development of waterborne epoxy resistant floor

Publication time:2018.03.09 10:30

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Analysis on the development of waterborne epoxy resistant floor



The waterproof epoxy resin wear-resistant floor is also a way for people to pursue the environmental protection trend. The water-based coating technology is used as one of the major environmental protection measures, which is widely concerned by the construction industry. Energy conservation and emission reduction have become the social responsibility that enterprises must bear.


With the enhancement of environmental protection laws and regulations and people's awareness of environmental protection, the water-based epoxy anti-wear floor coating will be widely used, and the research and development of water-based epoxy industrial floor coating has great economic and social benefits. Waterborne epoxy resin wear-resisting floor coating with a solvent epoxy floor coating is the performance of current water-borne epoxy resin wear-resisting floor coating can be applied in the pharmaceutical, food, hospitals, textile, chemical industry, electron, etc., the production workshop, office building, warehouse, laboratory floor coating, especially suitable for the first floor, basements, underground parking and other relatively moist environment. As a green environmental protection product, waterborne epoxy resin wear - resistant floor is bound to be recognized and widely used.


The waterborne epoxy resinous floor coating is more and more valued by experts and affirmed by the market because of its obvious performance, function and environmental protection advantages.


As far as I know, at present, there are some successful enterprises in China, such as: participants in the compilation of national standards, and the builder of the three gorges dam, feifanshi building materials co., LTD.


In recent years, feifanshi building materials co., LTD., with its professional knowledge and advanced technology and other advantages, has gradually become a national well-known professional floor paint production and construction enterprises. Its strong technical background and accumulated experience and knowledge over the years have made it a trusted professional manufacturer in the minds of customers. For many years, Phoebus has taken root in the hearts of customers with its professional quality, advanced technology and high new technology.


With the development of economy, modern factories have more and more requirements on the ground floor. For example, if the ordinary cement floor is chosen, the dust generated during work will not only harm the health of employees, but also cause damage to precision instruments and even affect the quality of products. Therefore, almost all modern factories will choose different floor coating systems to adapt to the needs of their different environments.


Now the world floor paint variety structure toward the VOC (low or no) direction development, waterborne floor paint is one of the development direction. The proportion of traditional Chinese solvent-based floor paint is gradually decreasing, and the development speed of water-based floor paint is also fast, but the low grade polyvinyl alcohol varieties still account for a large proportion. Improving the quality of water-based floor paint and developing new varieties are the important steps to consolidate and develop water-based floor paint. Focusing on the research and development of vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion, styrene-acrylic copolymer emulsion and pure acrylic series as the base of latex floor paint, and strive to make breakthroughs in the durability of floor paint, film smoothness, fullness, construction, decorative and other aspects; For epoxy emulsion, waterborne polyurethane, we should continue to study high performance waterborne floor paint to meet some special requirements.



Epoxy wear resistant floor paint


Learn according to concerned coating net, floor coating market has not opened greatly, do market promotion more still very have necessary, besides letting a client know this product, can use and approve this advocate product even. The market needs to wait for an opportunity. The first step to open the market is to let the market have this consumer awareness orientation. As long as the awareness is available, the first step will be successful. Second, consumers have to change their perceptions, which requires the joint guidance of big brands across the market. Additional, still need to cooperate to popularize with experience type sale, as long as the opportunity comes, the author believes the future development of waterborne floor coating will have no limit.